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Twincedar Buddy

This is Twincedar Buddy, out of a breeding of Highway Dan and Twincedar Rhett's Tara.  If you want a proven Llewellin Setter winner with style, intensity, class,  strong scenting ability, and unlimited drive to incorporate into your breeding program, Buddy is the stud that you are looking for or watch for pups out of Buddy in the future.  Buddy is not only a great competitor, he is a comfortable foot hunting dog as well.

9/11/04  3rd Place Puppy NLGDC Northern Trial Lonsdale MN

10/23/04  2nd Place Derby NLGDC Central Illinois Llewellin Trial Mechanicsburg IL

3/5/05  1st Place Derby NLGDC Roy K Sparks Jr. Memorial McLeansboro IL

3/11/05  1st Place Midwest Llewellin Shooting Dog Stake (American Field) McLeansboro IL       




Highway Dan

Pounds Mr. Rock King's Bomber III
King's Gladstone Holly
Dashing Pounds Bondhu Dashing Ringold Bondhu
Dashing Markett Bondhu
Twincedar Rhett's Tara


Kentucky Lake Zeke Poole's Royacelle Rhett
Royal Honey Bondhu
Pack's Mayfield Maggie Nick's Little Rock
King's Gladstone Suzie



Pack's Poorboy  (Bo)

We are proud to add Bo to our impressive line of Llewellin Setter stud dogs.  Bo brings a lot of style and enthusiasm along with excellent scenting ability to our breeding program.  Watch for some outstanding pups from Bo in the future.


Poole's Royacelle Rhett Quail Bandit Bondhu Moon's Mike
Dashing Ann Bondhu
Poole's Royacelle Katy King's Royacelle III
King's Royal Tonie
Royal Honey Bondhu Royal Rhett Bondhu Moon's Mike
Dashing Ann Bondhu
Poole's Royacelle Katy King's Royacelle III
King's Royal Tonie


Twincedar Zeke



My Way Buddy Twincedar Buddy Highway Dan
Dashing Pounds Bondhu
King's Dashing Dolly Rivers Bomber Jesse
Rivers Dashing Wendy
Will's Amazing Grace Will's Dashing Jake Straight Creek John
Straight Creek Tweedy
Will's White Lightning Poole's Royacelle Rhett
Woody's Royacelle Lizzy


Twincedar Highway Hank

Pedigree for Hank

Highway Rex

Highway Dan Pounds Mister Rock
Dashing Pounds Bondhu
Lady Bondhu Gladstone Dashing Ringole Bondhu
Kings Calico Gladstone
Twin Cedars Annie Henry Princeof Pause

(HANK of Hunting with Hank)

Irish King Bondhu Ashly
Dashing Janette Bondhu
Dashing Chess Bondhu Dashing Ringold Bondhu
Dashing Whitett Bondhu





Reference Dogs

Twincedar's Dan - Son of Llewellin Setter Field Trial Multiple Winner Highway Dan


          7 weeks old                                       9 weeks old                                        4 months old


                                                                      8 months old

Twincedar's Dan is our Llewellin Setter stud dog with lots of good looks and loads of personality. Dan has completed many seasons of wild bird hunting and has done very well. He has shown a lot of natural ability as well as style and class as you can see in the photos above. Dan handles with ease, strives to please, and possesses unbelievable scenting ability.  Dan is from a repeat breeding which has produced many outstanding dogs and Llewellin Setter trial champions.  Dan is the son of  Highway Dan who is a very impressive Llewellin Setter.  Highway Dan is the 1999 National Llewellin Setter Gun Dog Classic winner, the 2000 National Llewellin Setter Gun Dog Classic runner-up, the 2001 Midwest Llewellin Setter Classic winner, and 2001 Kentucky Open Llewellin Setter Gun Dog winner.  Twin Cedars Dan's mother is also a very impressive bird dog and a producer of Llewellin Setter trial winners and very impressive performers.  Look for some very talented pups from Dan in the future.


Highway Dan             Pounds Mr. Rock King's Bomber III
King's Gladstone Holly
Dashing Pounds Bondhu Dashing Ringold Bondhu
Dashing Markett Bondhu
Pounds Miss Suzy King's Royacelle III King's Royacelle II
King's Royal Alicelle
King's Blizzard Sunday King's Blizzard Sun
King's Blizzard Priss




Twin Cedars Kennel is proud to announce the arrival of Jones Advie Blue ("Sonny") and Jones Advie Stitch ("Stitch"), owned, hunted, and campaigned by Lloyd "Dick" Jones of Louisville, KY.  Sonny and Stitch have both placed and impressed spectators in the Llewellin trials, but their real love and talents are best displayed across the country hunting a wide variety of game birds.  Sonny and Stitch will be used in our own breeding program to cross with "Highway" bred dogs, as well as being available for stud services to negative Brucellosis certified females.  Contact Twin Cedars Kennel for arrangements for stud service at the kennel or view our Expected Litters page for our breeding.



Advie Blue Boy Advie Banner Machad Mhor
Advie Aura
Advie Sunset Dancer Vagabond King
Cloncurragh Carrie
Napier's Belle Advie Mat Vagabond King
Advie Peggy Sue
Wing Tip Will's Highland Pride
Will's Molly Bondhu




Advie Mat Vagabond King Cloncurragh Connie
Cloncurragh Babe
Advie Peggy Sue Cloncurragh Connie
Mai of Joe's
Wing Tip Will's Highland Pride Highland Bandit Bondhu
Chappy's Sugar Babe
Will's Molly Bondhu Spiers Prince Bondhu
Sugar Doll Bondhu


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